Fresh Meadows family dentist

Fresh Meadows Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Fresh Meadows

Fresh Meadows family dentist
Fresh Meadows family dentist

When you come to our practice here at Bayside Dental Group, or you bring in your child or other member of your family, you can expect the same outstanding, focused, individualized attention. Dental care for all ages is not a slogan for us, but a commitment and a mission statement. Each of our valued patients has specific needs and preferences. And every stage of life also comes with unique challenges and concerns that are more prominent than at other times. Look to us to meet those challenges and address those concerns.

Our Fresh Meadows family dentist starts with early childhood and moves up all the way through the senior years when it comes to excellence in dental care. Young children have baby teeth that are going to grow in and then fall out, making room for permanent adult teeth. For that to occur without incident means that you need to manage tooth decay and to be on the lookout for potential issues that could lead to blocking out teeth yet to grow in. Our Fresh Meadows family dentist does this as part of a regular six month pediatric examination and teeth cleaning. Teenage patients are often especially conscious about the look of their smiles, which can be straighter and healthier without the indignity of metal braces, thanks to Invisalign. All of our valued patients, regardless of age, want to have strong, healthy teeth and gums, and a whole set of teeth. Metal-free fillings and crowns, and dental implants are just part of the array of essential services expertly provided here. And with state-of-the-art computer assisted root canal, you can be assured of both a comfortable, painless experience, and completion in one visit.

Our Fresh Meadows family dentist is here and ready to tend to you, your kids, and your other household members. Skilled, experienced treatment is a certainty. Contact our office to arrange an appointment.

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